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How Flow XO achieved 150% Net Subscriber Growth and 26% Churn Reduction

Our targeted approach led to significant subscriber growth and reduced churn

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Funnel Optimization


Project Timeline

2023 - 2024



Increased in ROI revenue

Project Overview

At Owlyver, we executed a series of strategic campaigns for Flow XO that significantly boosted their lead generation, conversion rates, and customer retention. As shown in the graph, our efforts transformed Flow XO's subscriber growth from a net loss of 10-20 subscribers per month to a net gain of 3-5 subscribers per month. This remarkable turnaround, highlighted in the graph, demonstrates a 115% to 150% improvement in net subscriber growth rate. Additionally, our strategies resulted in a substantial reduction in churn rates by up to 26%. Here’s a detailed look at how we achieved these impressive results.

Project Execution

  1. Webinar Campaign
    We began by marketing a webinar to their existing email database, resulting in 280 sign-ups. Out of these, 60 people attended and watched the entire session. The immediate impact was notable, with 3 attendees purchasing the webinar offer on the spot. One week later, 4 more attendees converted to higher-tier customers.
  • People registered: 280
  • People attended: 60 (21%)
  • People converted: 7 (12%)

You can find the webinar below:

  1. Email Onboarding Campaign
    The client’s initial email campaign was ineffective, with an average open rate of just 18%. Through extensive market research, we identified the optimal customer journey and the key activation event that led to conversions. We then crafted a 2-week onboarding sequence to guide users towards this event. As a result, email open rates soared from 18% to 40% within just two weeks of implementation.
  • Open rates increased: from 18% to 40%
  • Key improvements:
    • We pre-answered the questions customers usually have
    • We executed several campaigns on their behalf:
  1. Group Trainings
    To address the lack of educational and marketing assets, we organized two live group training sessions. These sessions were subsequently converted into mini-courses and integrated into the onboarding emails and the getting started page. These resources provided ongoing value and support to new users, facilitating their journey to becoming active and satisfied customers.

    Below you can find one of the courses

And here's the other training:

  1. Introduced Book-a-demo funnel
    Next, we introduced a book-a-demo funnel to establish a consistent feedback loop with the market. This initiative generated between 4 to 7 demo requests per week, with an impressive 66% conversion rate from demo to customer. The high conversion rate was attributed to highly practical demos that focused on showing customers exactly how they could achieve their goals using the client’s product.
  • Demos per week: 4-7
  • Demo-to-customer rate: 66%
  1. Website Redesign
    The client’s website had not been updated in approximately 10 years and was in dire need of a revamp. We redesigned the website from the ground up, shifting the focus to highlight the benefits of the product and strategically guide visitors towards starting a free trial or booking a demo call.
  1. Pricing Change
    Lastly, we simplified the pricing strategy in response to user feedback, which indicated that the previous pricing model was too complex and caused confusion, leading to churn. The new, more straightforward pricing model was easier for customers to understand and align with their expectations, contributing to reduced churn and increased satisfaction.


We're excited to share the fantastic results we achieved for our client! After implementing a series of strategic growth and engagement campaigns, we saw incredible improvements in their key metrics. The attached graph highlights the positive trends in subscriber growth starting December '23, marking the impact of our efforts.

The Impact

  • Subscriber Growth: Starting Decemer'23, the graph shows a clear rise in new subscribers and a drop in churned subscribers.
  • Sustained Growth: The steady increase in net subscribers demonstrates the success of our comprehensive approach to growth and customer engagement.

Here’s a quick summary of what we accomplished together:

Webinar Campaign

  • We got 280 people to sign up for the webinar, with 21% attending and watching the whole session.
  • From this, 12% converted into paying customers, adding 7 new customers.

Email Onboarding Campaign

  • We increased their email open rates from 18% to 40% in just two weeks.
  • By pre-answering common questions and introducing helpful templates, we boosted user engagement and activation.

Group Trainings

  • We created 2 live group training sessions, which turned into mini-courses distributed through onboarding emails and the getting started page.

Book-a-demo Funnel

  • Introduced a book-a-demo funnel, generating 4-7 demo requests per week.
  • Kept a high demo-to-customer conversion rate of 66% by showing customers exactly how they could achieve their goals with the product.

Website Redesign

  • Completely redesigned the website to focus on benefits and guide visitors to start a free trial or book a demo call.

Pricing Strategy Change

  • Simplified the pricing model based on user feedback, reducing confusion and helping retain more customers.

We’re thrilled with these results and proud to have helped our client achieve such positive outcomes. It’s been an incredible journey, and we’re excited to continue driving growth and success together!

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