From Confusion to Clarity: Gladia’s Go-to-Market Transformation

Facing uncertainty about their target market, Gladia turned to us for data-driven insights to effectively pa

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Project Overview

When Gladia approached us, they were at a crossroads. They had developed a cutting-edge AI technology and secured funding, but they were struggling with a fundamental business challenge: they didn't know who their target audience was. This lack of clarity hindered their ability to package and market their product effectively. Here’s how we helped them solve this critical problem.

Detailed Problem Description:

  1. Unclear Target Market:
    • Gladia had no concrete data on who their ideal customers were.
    • They only had suspicions and hypotheses about potential target markets, but these were based on guesses rather than solid data.
  2. Inability to Package the Product:
    • Without knowing their target market, Gladia couldn't effectively package their AI product.
    • They struggled to create marketing messages and product offerings that resonated with any specific audience.
  3. Lack of Data-Driven Insights:
    • Their initial assumptions about the target market were not backed by data.
    • This uncertainty made it challenging to make informed strategic decisions.

Project Execution

We embarked on a comprehensive market research project to identify the most suitable target market for Gladia’s AI product. Our goal was to provide data-driven insights that would enable them to package and market their product effectively.

Steps Taken to Solve the Problem:

  1. Initial Research and Strategy Call:
    • We began by researching the workflows and pain points of three potential target markets identified by Gladia.
    • Our findings were discussed in a strategy call, where we presented our recommendations based on the initial research.
  2. Focusing on Promising Markets:
    • Based on our research, we advised Gladia to focus on two of the three target markets.
    • This decision was based on the potential fit and opportunities within these markets.
  3. Targeted Outreach and Interviews:
    • We conducted cold outreach to professionals in the chosen industries, scheduling 10 interviews with key representatives approved by Gladia.
    • These interviews provided deep insights into the workflows, challenges, and needs of the target market representatives.
  4. Data Analysis and Survey Validation:
    • Post-interview, we analyzed the data to extract actionable insights.
    • To validate and quantify these insights, we launched a survey targeting 250 individuals with similar profiles to our interviewees.
    • The survey helped us understand which insights were significant and relevant at scale.


  • Market Clarity: Our research identified key verticals with high interest in Gladia’s AI product, particularly in the speech-to-text space.
  • Strategic Guidance: We provided data-driven recommendations that helped Gladia refine their product positioning and go-to-market strategy.
  • Client Satisfaction: Gladia was extremely satisfied with the outcomes, noting significant interest from the identified verticals. They even referred us to contacts at Sequoia, demonstrating their confidence in our work.

    By solving the problem of unclear target market identification, we enabled Gladia to move forward with a clear and effective strategy, ensuring that their AI product reached the right audience and met market needs effectively.

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